How do I request an appointment?

You can use this web site to make an appointment request. Please remember that you are making an appointment request, not an actual appointment. Until your provider's office calls to confirm, the appointment has not been scheduled.

Important: Use the Appointment Request link only for non-urgent appointments. Do not use the link if you need immediate medical attention.

To make an appointment request:

  1. Click the Appointment Request link that appears under Appointments at the top left of the page. The Request Appointment screen appears.

  2. Select the health care provider with whom you would like an appointment from the Provider list.

  3. Select the office or practice where you would like an appointment, if applicable, from the Practice list.

  4. Specify the date for the appointment you are requesting. Your options are:

  1. Specify the time information for the appointment you are requesting. Your options are:

  1. In Appointment Reason, type the reason you are requesting an appointment.

  2. If necessary, type additional information about the reason in the Notes box.

  3. When you finish, click Submit.

Note: To clear all the information you entered, click Clear. To cancel the appointment request, click Close.