When I log on, what do I see?

When you log on as a provider or consultant, the Patient Search screen appears. You will use this screen to locate the patient chart that you want to view. You can search by name, patient ID, or telephone number.

To search for a patient:

  1. Click the Name, ID, or Phone Number option button.

  2. Enter the search criteria.

  3. Click Search. The Patient Search screen appears, listing the patients that match your criteria, starting with the closest match.

  4. In the table, click the Patient ID link for the patient whose chart you want to view. The online patient chart displays in view-only mode.

Note: If you are a provider, you can only use Web View to access the patient charts that you have permission to view in Patient Records. If you are restricted from viewing a patient's chart, you will receive the message "You do not have access to this patient" when you click the Patient ID link. Click Close to return to the Patient Search screen.

If your operator account has the 'Break the Glass' access permission enabled in Practice Partner, the Break-the-Glass Security screen appears when you click the Patient ID link. This screen allows you to access a patient chart if you have a legitimate reason, such as in an emergency. Type the reason that you need to access the chart in the Reason for Access field, and then click the Proceed button. The patient chart appears. Your reason for accessing the chart is recorded electronically.